I would like to wake up next to a "real man", who honestly cares about me

Discover the structure behind dating, when things “suddenly” work. Learn to see the big picture and where to start. Download 3-step guide CREATIVE DATING LOOP for free. BONUS inside  - online tool to explore your specific situation - "dating audit".

You ask, I answer

Is this training for me? 

Have you been single for a long time or in a complicated relationship, where you don't feel it is right for you? Do you wonder what has been preventing you from meeting the quality guys? Do you get annoyed that only men you don't like show interest in you? Do you see a pattern that your partners are not treating you well? Do you get attracted to men who don't want a relationship with you?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, then it is worth exploring more.

I suggest to start with downloading the guide CREATIVE DATING LOOP and completing the “dating audit” you find in the online tool inside. Alternatively you can follow an evening workshop. You will get a better picture of your situation and then you can decide whether this training is for you or not.

Additionally you can follow the full day or weekend training and find out without a risk, whether it is for you, thanks to the money back satisfaction guarantee. Does this sound fair? 

What is the dating audit and how do I get access to it? 

Dating audit is a result you get from an online tool, that shows your score in 5 areas, where people have most often barriers related to dating. After you clearly see your resistances, you can start removing them, instead spending years wondering what's going on. You get a clear picture of which aspects need your attention. This is an important shortcut on your way towards "your zone" and meeting your guy.

This tool is worth 290 EUR but you can now get if for free when you download the guide CREATIVE DATING LOOP. Your access is inside the guide.

If I come to the evening workshop, what result will I get?

You will become more clear about what you really want. You will get a high level overview of your possible resistances in respect to dating. This will be your compass to show you where you are at on the way to successful dating. You will get a taste of how the exercises work and it will help you decide whether you are ready for the training. There are different topics of the evening workshops, but they will all give you more clarity, from slightly different perspectives. 

Can you guarantee I will find a suitable partner in a specific timeframe?

No, I can’t guarantee a specific time frame because everybody's situation is different.

After the workshop, some people realize they actually have different priorities and want to focus on those first. Other people find out they have many resistances and might not be ready to work on it. I am a guide, not a magician, so I can support the process but I can’t force anybody. :-)

Finally some people only need a small integration and they are quickly ready for dating. After a person reaches the ready state of mind, results usually come very fast, within a few weeks or months. 

What I can guarantee, is that you find out what is your situation, where are you on your way to finding your partner and then you can decide what would you like to do. 

What I see in practice is that people who really want to make a change in their life, who have followed a few workshops with me make a mental switch and within a few months start a new relationship that fits into what they decided was important. 

What is the difference between this training and other programs?

Compared to general self development programs, this training is focused on dating. The discussion topics and exercises are already tailored for dating, so you don’t need to figure out how to convert general exercises to this topic. By focusing on one topic, you can make a faster progress towards meeting the man you desire.

Second big advantage is the use of integration exercises for subconscious. The new content integrates faster inside you, which brings you the power to move forward with your life.

How should I select which training level is best for me?

I recommend to start with level one, where you can clearly connect with your goals, find out in detail about all resistances, start removing doubts and get your motivation growing. Even if you participated in other coaching programs, you will still learn new things here, according to the feedback I hear from other participants.  

The base from level 1 will be very useful when you get to level two, where you work on your identity, self worth and prepare to enter the dating market.

Why should I consider repeating the same training?

Repeating the training is not mandatory, but an advantage. I have tested that participants who repeat the training are able to reach higher alignment with their goals, increase even more their belief about the possibilities and they feel even more capable. It is like going to the gym. By exercising more, muscles get stronger. Similarly doing certain mental exercises repeatedly makes your mind stronger. There is an option to repeat the training for a symbolic price as a way of supporting your progress towards your goal.

Until when can I apply for the guarantee?

You can follow the full 1 day  / weekend training and find out without a risk, whether it is for you. If you find out this is not for you, simply tell me  or write me an email next day after the training like ”Hi Michaela, I found out this training isn't for me” and I will refund your investment. Without questions.

You can apply for your guarantee by sending me an email, before 11.59 PM the day after the training.

Can I apply for my money back and then repeat the training for a symbolic price?

No, the repeat training for symbolic price or other special offers like bringing a friend along or joining a study group are reserved for customers who have paid for the training.

More questions?

If you haven’t found the answer to you question here, contact me at info@michaelaray.com or use the form below and I will get back to you. :-)



I was avoiding to think about dating because I was afraid it would make me long for it even more. The workshop helped me get reassurance and insight into what I want and confidence that I can get it. I particularly liked the combination of the exercises with an 'unconscious' integration - that makes it very powerful.

Update after 6 months: I am 2,5 months in a relationship that I enjoy very much. I am especcialy happy that we are both able to understand each other and communicate in a mature way. 

Olivia Brussels, for ref. +32 484 662 084

It took me a while to move to the “real dating“ since I first had to get into my zone. Now, 6 months later, I am able to choose between many men. Thanks to the book "Mindful Diva Dating" and extra training support, I am on track. Even better news, meanwhile Mr. Right appeared!

I am very glad Michaela taught me her system how to undertake dating with joy and laughter. One of the best decisions I made in a long time!

Denise, 60 Antwerpen

I would like to wake up next to a "real man", who honestly cares about me

Discover the structure behind dating, when things “suddenly” work. Learn to see the big picture and where to start. Download 3-step guide CREATIVE DATING LOOP for free.

I would like to wake up next to a "real man", who honestly cares about me

Discover the structure behind dating, when things “suddenly” work. Learn to see the big picture and where to start. Download 3-step guide CREATIVE DATING LOOP for free. 

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