DATING KICK-STARTER: What do I want in a relationship

I was avoiding to think about dating because I was afraid it would make me long for it even more. The workshop (DATING KICK STARTER) helped me get reassurance and insight into what I want and confidence that I can get it. I particularly liked the combination of the exercises with an 'unconscious' integration - that makes it very powerful.

Update after 6 months: I am 2,5 months in a relationship that I enjoy very much. I am especcialy happy that we are both able to understand each other and communicate in a mature way. 

Olivia Brussels, for ref. +32 484 662 084
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I wanted to have a serious girlfriend that could become my future wife. To make it happen, I spent a lot of time at singles events. There were several women interested, but from my side I could only see them as friends. When I occasionaly started to date one of them, they always tried to control me, so we broke up. Via the NLP workshops (DATING KICK STARTER) I realized I had an internal conflict about loosing freedom, that was holding me back. I was subconsciously selecting women that confirmed my fears. 

I resolved the inner conflict and decided what kind of woman fits what I want. Two months later I met my sweetheart. We are now 8 months together. I enjoy that our relationshoip is based on trust, instead of the need to control. 

C.H., 35 Brussels

I hesitated to come to DATING KICK STARTER because a whole day looked long, but it went so quickly. It became clear to me, why I always attract the wrong men. It was a confrontation with myself, but very good and clear. I also discovered what kind of relationship I want and what is important for me. The result is that I feel very empowered and motivated. I am ready for dating. I appreciate the most the open and safe space to share, which helps me dig deep for an efficient result. I was surprised by the strong experience from the NLP exercises.

Tine Antwerpen

Before the workshop I felt confused about what I want in a man and in a relationship. I always fantisezed about it, but never thought about going into the details of what I truly want, what is important for me, what can I compromise and what is not negotiable. After the workshop, I feel more confident, more in control and more grounded. I liked that it was well structured and a mix of theory, discussion and practice. I also loved the safety of the space in which I got to express my fears, wishes and experiences. I have now the basics to work on my goals.

Karin Fox Wuerzburg, Germany

DATING ESSENTIAL: What can I offer to attract my ideal partner

I doubted whether the workshop will be another dating theory cliche, but what I experienced was not just valuable but so incredibly loving. In the past I read self help books and followed various webinars. I already had the dots, but now all over sudden, I was able to connect them and move to another level.

It was an intensive day and I was tired when I got home, however the way Michaela guided us, step by step was very efficient and made me reflect on self sabotaging patterns, that need to be replaced by better conscious choices...  I now have my action-bullet list, to make that change in perception and behavior… Her work is so necessary for everyone, who is willing to grow into self love.

Sabine Herentals
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I realised that even with an imperfect body, I can make adjustments that can attract a perfect partner. I benefited the most from the topic "How to understand the opposite gender."

Christel Berchem

When I saw the event title, I resented the idea that you have to be someone else than who you are in order to find love.  

However, via the workshop I learned how I can take more responsibility for my love life and how I can become a successful dater to achieve my relationship goal. It was a busy day with lot of material to cover, I will need more time to absorb it all. I was inspired but also a bit overwhelmed. What I liked the most is that I can put the power back into my hands. The tools we learned apply to all our relationships and relationships are such a major component of our happiness!

A.V., 47 Brussels

BARRIER CRUSHER (delivered via private NLP COACHING)

I decided to explore "What is stopping me from doing what I want in my life." I got very fast result of unblocking myself. Within five sessions I got rid of limiting thoughts that caused me suffering.

For example; for years I had problems to speak in public or even in front of a group. I always felt some shame while thinking I am not good enough, I have nothing important to say, and other negative thoughts. After one session, where we worked around this shame feeling, I realized that suddenly I had no problem at all to speak in a group. I felt proud and exited to share who I am and what I want to set in the world with my business. Now it is so easy to spread my view, my words, my purpose. And it feels great!!!

Tine Antwerpen

I had a fear of leaving my comfort zone. After participating in the workshops I become more assertive, so I decided to go for the coaching as well. As a result I am now more convinced I am worthy and enough. The best part of the experience was going back to my earliest memories and being able to interpret them differently. I now understand my parents and I made peace with their actions.

Update after 6 evening workshops and 2 coaching sessions: When I look back at the beginning of the year, I see myself as somebody who was still quite unhappy. Someone who had major issues with her family; someone who felt insecure around other people.
I notice that I have changed. I tell people what I want. I put boundaries in place when necessary. I no longer act emotionally if people don't accept me. My friends say I am more assertive. I feel like I can soon start thinking about dating. 

Christel Berchem

I started with the topic "What I want in a romantic relationship". As a result after five sessions:   1. I know what kind of man and relationship I want

                             2. I have more clarity about what I want in general from life

                         3. I am starting to define more my identity and learning to protect it 

Setting boundaries helps me protect my energy better and I can use it for my goals. After years I felt inspired to create my web site and I feel proud of it. I realized I deserve to enjoy the money I earn and planned a trip I can look forward to. I started taking better care of my looks. It feels good and people notice it immediately. I feel I am becoming more authentic.

Karin Fox Germany

I'm looking for insights and palpable results and NLP feels like the right tool for me. Other methods I have tried like meditation and a short session of gestalt therapy, made me feel better but did not resonate with me as much as Michaela's sessions do. In the private coaching I decided to explore the feelings of inadequacy. As a result I understand where and how those feelings developed and I started changing them. 

Alex Brussels


You can read about my qualifications and experience on the page about private coaching:

DATING AUDIT: Assessment of your situation (Online questionnaire + online course explaining your answers)

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I find myself in a lot of the things mentioned. It showed me new perspectives, that I didn't consider before. Now I realize that my idea of a relationship was very vague and need to be more clear about what I want. 

T.T., 48 Antwerpen

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Ready to JUMP? Online dating strategies via TINDER WORKSHOP

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I did not know help existed in this topic, I was enthusiastic to attend. I really enjoyed the presentation, it was educative and eye opening. It answered lot of my queries and has given my confidence a boost. The result I got were tips what women want, what to watch out for and especially the pictures and profile setup, which I struggled with until now.  I liked the most that the presenter has knowledge and experience backed by a proven technique. I will recommend this service to my single friends. 

Update one week later: I got notification from Tinder, my profile is getting noticed and many ladies are stacking up in my queue, waiting for me to swipe, to discover them. 

Update 4 months later: I met someone and we have been together for couple of months already. Thanks for all your tips, it did really work for me

Ranjith Haasrode

Grateful I went to the training and especially I am very glad Michaela taught me her system how to undertake dating with joy and laughter. I have over a hundred men waiting in my Tinder queue. Chatting and meeting with several quality men, so I can confirm there are good men out there. 

Denise, 60 Antwerpen

Before registering I had doubts, what will I really learn and who are the other participants. I decided to give it a try becuase of the combination of the photoshoot and the workshop. I got insights in the importance of a profile picture and understood how to make an original story, to stand out. It is nice to have professional pictures. I have certainly improved my tinder profile (also in text) and look forward to some dates. 

Lucas, 49 Mechelen

Prefer to read? Check out BOOK - MINDFUL DIVA DATING

I want to know how to: 

  • Feel like a shining woman that men are crazy about
  • Enter the dating market in a full grace
  • Filter out interesting men online and get rid of timewasters, creeps, players and scammers

Every chapter brought me to a new unknown place. Extraordinary and never seen before is the comparison of the differences and matches of "women in their zone" with the “natural bitches”, who easily attract men with confidence. 

It took me a while to move to the “real dating“ since I first had to get into my zone. Now, 6 months later, I am able to choose between many men

Denise, 60 Antwerpen

I just finished reading your book. I loved it! I am sorry to hear that you had all this bad experiences. But your personal experiences made it very convincing. 

After reading the book, I noticed that I am not yet in the zone. Those excercises are the first action I need to take. I will be rereading the book as I move further towards finding someone.

Christel Berchem

I finally found the time to read your book, woaw, so well written!! Why didn't I read it before I started dating? So recognisable, all my mistakess I can find back .

Every single woman that starts dating must read this book, so she can avoid a lot of misery. You're very coureagous, to go living in a country alone, and start a new life alone. I'll try to go this year to a higher energy frequency level.


P.K., 49 Brussels

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