Workshop:How to find a relationship on Tinder

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Want to start a new realtionship?

Get tips how to position yourself on the dating market to increase your SUCCESS FACTOR.
Attract the right partner whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50 or more!

WOMEN, discover that your choice is bigger than you expected (99+ men waiting to get to know you) and learn how to filter out the interesting ones. You might have thought Tinder was just for hookups and I can show you how to get much more out of it.

MEN, discover how can you be ahead of 90% of the competition, get more matches, more replies and more dates with the women you find attractive.

Previous participants said:

I was hesitating about Tinder because I doubted there were any serious candidates. What I got out of the workshops were tips and tricks how to put myself out there to attract the right man. The best part was how to highlight who you are and what you want. Now I feel more confident to give it a try.

Tine Antwerpen

Before registering I had doubts, what will I really learn and who are the other participants. I decided to give it a try becuase of the combination of the photoshoot and the workshop. I got insights in the importance of a profile picture and understood how to make an original story, to stand out. It is nice to have professional pictures. I have certainly improved my tinder profile (also in text) and look forward to some dates. 


Lucas, 49 Mechelen

I did not know help existed in this topic, I was enthusiastic to attend. I really enjoyed the presentation, it was educative and eye opening. It answered lot of my queries and has given my confidence a boost. The result I got were tips what women want, what to watch out for and especially the pictures and profile setup, which I struggled with until now.  I liked the most that the presenter has knowledge and experience backed by a proven technique. I will recommend this service to my single friends. 

Update one week later: I got notification from Tinder, my profile is getting noticed and many ladies are stacking up in my queue, waiting for me to discover them. 

Update 4 months later: I met someone and we have been together for couple of months already. Thanks for all your tips, it did really work for me

Ranjith Haasrode

Grateful I went to the training and especially I am very glad Michaela taught me her system how to undertake dating with joy and laughter. I have over a hundred men waiting in my Tinder queue. Chatting and meeting with several quality men, so I can confirm there are good men out there. 

Denise, 60 Antwerpen

I have used Tinder for a year, without a success. I thought I knew a lot about it. I thought the workshop would be just summary of that but I was surprised how professional it was and the practical steps I can action immediately.

Hans, 34 Brussels

I had so much fun on my Tinder dates, met several interesting, quality men after applying the same system I am sharing with you. One of them became my husband. :-)

Michaela Ray Dating coach

Is it possible to find a good relationship on Tinder?

Surprisingly yes, when you know how to use it effectively.

This workshop is for people who are (almost) ready for dating, but not quite sure how to get started. It is also for those who used online dating, but were not pleased with the results and would like to have a different experience.

I want to know how to: 

  • Get my profile noticed on Tinder 
  • Get to the first date without spending too much of my time with chatting
  • Have fun with the process and finally meet the special one

Next workshop is coming soon.

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