I would like to wake up next to a "real man", who honestly cares about me

Discover the structure behind dating, when things “suddenly” work. Learn to see the big picture and where to start. Download 3-step guide CREATIVE DATING LOOP for free. BONUS inside  - online tool to explore your specific situation - "dating audit".

You would like to wake up next to a “real man”, who honestly cares about you, but...

Your dream of love and connection can sometimes be taken over by the feelings of doubt:

  • Is it even possible?

  • Can I do it?

  • Is now the right time?

It can become overwhelming and you might feel stuck, not sure what to do. I want to help you to overcome the obstacles, reach a state of mind where meeting Mr. Right becomes possible and support you through the practical aspect of dating.  

Workshops and Training

Workshops and training can help you get into the right dating mindset. At the beginning you will clarify your goals and you receive  a “compass” of your subconscious resistances, based on the neuroscience.

In the following levels we work together to

  1. Help you open your mind and heart for dating

  2. Grow your motivation to go after your dreams

  3. Build up your courage to take action

All the things you need to go from doubtful to READY & JUMP! :-)

More about workshops and training here

What do people say about the workshops:

I hesitated to come because a whole day looked long, but it went so quickly. It became clear to me why I always attract the wrong men. It was a confrontation with myself, but very good and clear. I also discovered what kind of relationship I want and what is important for me. The result is that I feel very empowered and motivated. I am ready for dating. I appreciate the open and safe space to share, which helps me dig deep for an efficient result. I was surprised by the strong experience from the NLP exercises.

Tine Antwerpen

Private coaching

Sometimes you might have an issue that is beyond the scope of the training that needs to be addressed, before you can successfully move forward. In that case you may benefit from private coaching, where I guide you through mental exercises, that help you overcome the obstacles.  

More info about private coaching and my qualifications & experience here.

What do people say about the private coaching:

I had a fear of leaving my comfort zone. After participating in the workshops I become more assertive, so I decided to go for the coaching as well. As a result I am now more convinced I am worthy and enough. The best part of the experience was going back to my earliest memories and being able to interpret them differently. I now understand my parents and I made peace with their actions.

Update after 6 evening workshops and 2 coaching sessions: When I look back at the beginning of the year, I see myself as somebody who was still quite unhappy. Someone who had major issues with her family; someone who felt insecure around other people.
I notice that I have changed. I tell people what I want. I put boundaries in place when necessary. I no longer act emotionally if people don't accept me. My friends say I am more assertive. I feel like I can soon start thinking about dating. 

Christel Berchem

Dating strategies consultation

When you have reached the READY state of mind and you need some support with the practicalities of online dating, I can help with dating strategies. The advanced techniques will help you attract interesting men online, reduce the time spent with the search and keep the whole experience fun and light. Dating strategies are delivered as one on one consultations or you can also purchase my book Mindful Diva Dating where I describe it step by step.

For more about dating strategies, click here.

What do people say about the dating strategies consultation:

I had a resistance to get started with dating. Grateful I went to the training, read Michaela's book and especially I am very glad she taught me her system how to undertake online dating with joy and laughter

Even better news, meanwhile Mr. Right appeared! With no doubt one of the best decisions I made in a long time!

Denise, 60 Antwerpen

Your satisfaction or your money back


No empty words. Your satisfaction or you get your money back, without questions. If you find out my training is not for you, I will simply refund your fee.

Alternatively, when you find out by the end of your first* coaching session it is not for you, you don't need to pay for it. (*Applies to first private session only. If you decide to continue working together, it is deemed you received value.)

About Michaela

Michaela is a guide, trainer, supporter and your friend on the way to finding the love of your life.

The “old” Michaela used to be a good girl, taken for granted and wondering why she didn't get much back from her partners. In search for a change, she went through self development period, including a training in Neuroscience / NLP. The “new” Michaela is not afraid to follow what she wants. There were many men interested, but only one calls himself the lucky husband. :-) 

Michaela developed her own NLP application specifically for dating -  CREATIVE DATING LOOP ©, which brings you the benefit of neuroscience in a simple playful way.



More about Michaela’s story here

Why logic isn’t enough to make Mr. Right knock on your door

Why do women struggle to make changes in their love life, when they can get all the information they need? Why are books, internet and friends’ advices not enough?

It is because of the subconscious blockage. When you know only logically what is good for you, you often miss the power to take action in the search for your Mr. Right. However, when ideas are integrated in your subconsciousness, you take action automatically. The problem is that most women (and men) don't know how to access their subconsciousness.

What is unique about this training, is a combination of logic with integration exercises for subconsciousness, based on neuroscience. I help you discover hidden obstacles, we change them together logically and integrate improved programs back into your subconscious. That’s why it is so powerful.

Would you like to chat about your situation? Don't leave your love life for a random chance. You can contact me at info@michaelaray.com or fill out the below form and I will come back to you to schedule a free 15 min consulation that fits both of our schedules. Looking forward to talking to you. :-)    Michaela



I was avoiding to think about dating because I was afraid it would make me long for it even more. The workshop helped me get reassurance and insight into what I want and confidence that I can get it. I particularly liked the combination of the exercises with an 'unconscious' integration - that makes it very powerful.

Update after 6 months: I am 2,5 months in a relationship that I enjoy very much. I am especcialy happy that we are both able to understand each other and communicate in a mature way. 

Olivia Brussels, for ref. +32 484 662 084

It took me a while to move to the “real dating“ since I first had to get into my zone. Now, 6 months later, I am able to choose between many men. Thanks to the book "Mindful Diva Dating" and extra training support, I am on track. Even better news, meanwhile Mr. Right appeared!

I am very glad Michaela taught me her system how to undertake dating with joy and laughter. One of the best decisions I made in a long time!

Denise, 60 Antwerpen

I would like to wake up next to a "real man", who honestly cares about me

Discover the structure behind dating, when things “suddenly” work. Learn to see the big picture and where to start. Download 3-step guide CREATIVE DATING LOOP for free.

I would like to wake up next to a "real man", who honestly cares about me

Discover the structure behind dating, when things “suddenly” work. Learn to see the big picture and where to start. Download 3-step guide CREATIVE DATING LOOP for free. 

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